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Brain Wallets Explained! Bitcoins and Gravy #67

– Posted in: Wallets

* Duration: 59:30, Played: 42:53 * Published: 5/11/15 6:00:00 AM * Episode Download Link (54 MB): * Show Notes: * Episode Feed: Lets Talk Bitcoin! -

448-Kastrup: “The Cosmic Nervous System”

– Posted in: Mindfulness

Today Bernardo Kastrup returns to the salon with more metaphysical speculations. Supplementing his recently released book, “Brief Peeks Beyond,” he touches on the so-called hard problem of consciousness faced by materialists. In his examination of the dominant materialistic world view, Bernardo reveals the forces behind our value systems, which in turn determine our behavior. He

ERNP 022 Pain Free On An Alternative Pharmaceutical Spree

– Posted in: ED Med

FANTASTIC show on alternative pain startegies for both acute and chronic pain in the emergency department. Dr Sergey Motov joins me to share eveidence based strategies that focus on alternative to opiod use. Tremendous value in thi show. Propofol for migraines coud be coming to a department near you! Check it out and listen to

JICS Cast: Heyland on Critical Care Nutrition

– Posted in: Not yet categorized

Prof. Darren Heyland speaks to Dr David Gary and Dr James Day about Critical Care Nutrition. He discusses the PEP UP protocol for enteral feeding and the NUTRIC Score for identifying patients that may benefit from agressive nutrition therapy. This talk was first posted on * Duration: 16:34, Played: 7:48 * Published: 4/19/15 12:20:07