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These are Links to great content I have found. I plan to incorporate these types of stories and information in to a conversation about health wellness and living a sovereign life. Some of this content will be used to explain and define meaning and context to other stories and conversations. If you are familiar with and of these stories I would be excited if you could add any of your own links to content like this.

Describe murmurs

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Check out @LearnTheHeart's Tweet: Describe murmurs with timing, grading, shape, pitch, location, radiation + maneuvers.

Pericarditis #ECG

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Check out @LearnTheHeart's Tweet: Diffuse ST elevation + PR depression Pericardial rub Treat with NSAIDs and NOT steroids #USMLE

#646 – Dr. Dan Engle & Aubrey Marcus

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Dr. Dan Engle, MD is a board certified psychiatrist and the Medical Director at Rejuvenation and Performance Institute in Sedona, AZ. Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer.  Some of his writings and experiences can be found on his website,, as well as links to his latest venture, Onnit Labs. * Duration: 2:50h, Played:

JICS Cast: Heyland on Critical Care Nutrition

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Prof. Darren Heyland speaks to Dr David Gary and Dr James Day about Critical Care Nutrition. He discusses the PEP UP protocol for enteral feeding and the NUTRIC Score for identifying patients that may benefit from agressive nutrition therapy. This talk was first posted on * Duration: 16:34, Played: 7:48 * Published: 4/19/15 12:20:07